Planned Maintenance Overview

Our services are primed for planned maintenance works.  We have teams working on repair and redecoration projects across London and Essex.

Project Management

We ensure that all Projects carried out by us are run with efficiency and we aim to communicate with all parties involved throughout the project in order to cause minimal disruption. Our standards are always high and our works comply with all legal and safety regulations necessary.

Planned Maintenance

Repairs & Redecoration

We carry out planned maintenance when required to keep the buildings looking fresh and tidy, repairing areas that require works and keeping your homes looking smart.

Major Works

Major works are required on the building, which we attend to with professionalism and we aim to cause as little disruption as possible to the residents during the works period.

Roofing Works

Within the Major Works spectrum includes Roofing works, which is important to keep maintained throughout the year but occasionally requires more serious works. Our duty is to carry out these works efficiently and with minimal inconvenience to the residents.


It is important to decorate and freshen up any building/home so that is remains a pleasant place to live.